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This web site is dedicated to celebrating the life of Eric Christopher Mylonas a.k.a. ECM.

It was created to showcase the breadth and depth of our hero, in honour and memory of Eric, his work, his many lessons, catchphrases and quotes, his art, and his sense of humour.

Eric was an intense and loyal individual who was passionate about:

  • God
  • Spending time with his fiance and family
  • His friends
  • Video games (Game Night!)
  • Politics (right wing / Republican)
  • Fitness
  • Animals
  • Video game / toy collecting
  • 80s music
  • Movies
  • Mocking Canada
  • Writing (of course!)

All who knew and loved Eric were enriched by his presence and have been diminished by his loss. His words have had a profound impact on so many people. He will never be forgotten.

Do you have a kind and / or entertaining story to share? Or fond memories reading Eric's published works? If so, I encourage you to contact me, I will gladly add it to this web site.




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