GameFan Magazine

Eric's big break was becoming a writer for GameFan magazine.

After a changing of the guard, he replaced Dave Halverson as Editor-In-Chief.

He is famous for his no-holds-barred review of Final Fantasy VIII. While every other publication was gushing with praise, Eric called it out like the joke that it was:

GameGO! Magazine

After the sudden demise of GameFan, Eric teamed up with the owner of to form GameGo! Magazine.

It had a dedicated following supported by a very popular message board. Unfortunately, it never made it past Issue 2.

Prima Strategy Guides

Eric wrote a number of best-selling strategy guides for Prima Games.

Much to his chagrin, he became largely associated with Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z.

Waxing Erratic Comics

Eric created many hilarious political and gaming web comics.

TeePublic Designs

Eric created a number of original shirt designs for TeePublic.

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