by Jared Fuller

I first knew of Eric, ECM, from my being a reader of GameFan magazine. The writing, artwork, and design of the magazine was so addicting, I read every issue I could get my hands on, back then. Those were good times, for sure.

I “met” ECM on a website. It had a post about intelligent design that I and ECM both commented on. I was shocked to be talking to the actual ECM from GameFan! I was gushing, haha. I asked him if he is the ECM, to which he replied yes. We became friends on Facebook shortly after the encounter.

Eric was a Godsend to me at the time. I was in a situation where I was searching for “ultimate answers” in life and conversations with him (amongst others) were helpful to say the least. I was flirting aggressively with atheism on some days, agnosticism on others, and just straight-up “whatever-ism” on most days (hey, I was in my 20s OK?). Talking with Eric brought me back to reality regarding Christianity and political philosophy. I was amazed at how he spoke, confidently, in assertions then would (if needed) backup those assertions with reason and evidence, all with a no-holds-barred wit.

He and I also had the shared interest in video games. Man, I loved teasing him that Final fantasy 8 was my favorite Final Fantasy game. For the record, FF8 is not my favorite Final Fantasy game because 7 is my favorite. Like others have said, his video game knowledge was so vast, it just pickled my mind. I was surprised every single time he dropped video game knowledge on me.

His kindness was surprising too. He and I never met in person, yet he sent me a copy of Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga in the mail. We hadn’t even been friends for a long time either. To say more of his kindness, he would check in with me too after times of absence.

‘80s music! His love of ‘80s music got me back into it. I grew up listening to Huey Lewis and the News, Van Hagar, The Cult, Commodores, etc. by way of my parents controlling the car radio on trips, but Eric got me back into the music after we became friends. I listen to “Late Night ‘80s” songs to this day.

Having said all that, I’m sad that he and I lost contact sometime in late 2015. I don’t remember the last thing I said to him and I wish that I did, although it wouldn’t change the present. In 2018, I was trying to find a way to get back in touch with him and that’s how I learned of his death. It’s not a regret, but I don’t have another word to describe that I want to tell him about the positive impact he made on my life. My conversations with Eric, and, my reading his words affected my life for the better. ECM was God’s instrument for us men and women who were (maybe still are?) misfit toys; to help us out with advice on life generally and specifically in philosophy, fitness, and manhood.

I miss Eric “ECM” Mylonas very much.

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